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The Danger of George Soros: A History of Revolution and His Loss of 1 Billion Betting Against Trump

The Danger of George Soros: A History of Revolution and His Loss of 1 Billion Betting Against Trump

January 23
20:08 2017

George Soros: Understanding the Man Behind the Mayhem


What exactly is it that makes this globalist psychopath tick?

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Mon, Jan 16, 2017 | 4,286

I have struggled to understand George Soros because he is a character riddled with contradiction. His push to break down borders by increasing immigration all over the world is undermining his desire to establish a unified Europe and a unified world. By pushing too hard, too fast, he’s creating obvious pushback. So, I decided to work on an article that would help me get a little better sense of what drives him.

On the one hand, he openly acknowledged at the end of 2016 that an “immigration crisis” is busting Europe apart at the seams. On the other, he states that the EU has always been his cherished project. So, why is he pushing immigration to the EU’s breaking point?

I see the same contradiction in German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Europe is clearly her favorite project, too, and yet she seems hell-bent on stuffing immigrants from outside of Europe down every European nation’s throat, including her own, to a degree that is clearly over stressing indigenous cultures and creating fractures everywhere.

Clearly Europe already has financial fractures that risk busting apart Europe’s always-precarious union of iron bonded together with clay. Do these two leaders thrive on stress so much that they feel compelled to force more discontented and impoverished people into an already fractured vessel? Are they just pathologically inclined toward self-destruction? Are they immigration bulimics who can’t stop stuffing themselves –addicts who have to keep shoving another needle in their arm, no matter the harm?

Another full-on euro crisis in 2017 seems like an obvious prediction to me. Why is it not obvious to those who so want the eurozone to succeed?

Poor Sore Soros

George Soros lost a billion dollars because his bets against a Trump victory crashed on his head. Soros recently fell into a public tirade and wrote that Trump is a Nazi — a would-be dictator who threatens the glorious hope of the new world order. (The very fact that Soros feels compelled to admit that Trump now “threatens the new world order” makes me feel good to know that even the new world order’s strongest backers feel his hot breath on their necks. We can only hope Soros is right.)

Soros is concerned that rejection of Hillary means the dawning of democracy in the world is being extinguished. Those words tell me Soros will do all he can to rile people against the new US leader who extinguished Hillary’s flame, democratically elected as he was. Here again, Soros is a contradiction, for he is always talking about how important democracy is; but I hope to sort that out in this article, too.

Soros is afraid that America will now be ““unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world.” If he thinks Hillary would have done that, he must mean that, under Trump, we will now no longer carry out as many wars and coups as the US staged under Hillary’s state department in order to assure democracy. (Again, I would find that refreshing; but it is apparently alarming to Soros who, himself, was an advocate of the coup in Ukraine and of Hillary’s war in Syria. See my earlier published State Department documents.)

Soros laments that his new world order is disordering itself, “first from Brexit, then from the election of Trump in the US, and on December 4 from Italian voters’ rejection, by a wide margin, of constitutional reforms;” but everyone knows these movements are primarily being fueled by the EU’s insane immigration policies. Even in the US, immigration was a main issue. Maybe liberals love these immigration policies, but clearly there are too many people who don’t, and when you try to force feed people on each other, they’re going to throw up on you.

With equal blindness, Soros laments all the fake news that has “disoriented electorates” and “destabilized democracies.” I say it is blindness because Soros does everything he can to destabilize any democracy that is nationalistic by bankrolling riots against any government that is not going along with his globalist dogma. He is both pushing unwanted immigration in mass and financing protests and coups, which makes it seem peculiar that he’s surprised by growing disorder in the new world order.

The baldfaced hypocrisy is astounding.

What makes Soros tick, and what makes him talk?

George Soros states that his overriding cause in everything he supports philanthropically is what he calls the creation of “open societies,” and he states that the one principle he believes can save humanity is pluralism. Without that, he believes we will destroy each other. He witnessed such destruction as a boy in Hungary under Hitler’s occupation where clearly pluralistic cultures were not embraced, and he states those years were formative to his character, as I imagine they would be.

Maybe that is what drives Soros to put enormous amounts of money into squeezing people together through immigration, even though he sees that it is creating stress fractures in his beloved European Union. Given the horrors that he witnessed as a child, his need to force pluralistic societies into being could be pathologically driven.

But there, I think, is the key failure in his belief system. Soros truly believes he can create pluralistic societies by pushing people together so that people of different beliefs and culture learn to get along. If I were asked what is the greatest common trait humanity has that can save us from each other, I wouldn’t answer “pluralism.” I’d answer that it would have to be love of humanity. In the absence of love for all humanity, pushing people together will only create conflict, but I don’t think Soros understands love. Soros is working like a machine to force something to happen because, like a machine, he doesn’t understand the underlying love that is necessary in order for that to actually work.

Given his childhood, as retold in the video below, I believe he truly believes in the value of open societies. I can certainly see where that kind of childhood would make that a belief of fierce importance. By the same token, then, Soros only believes in it so long as those societies are moving democratically toward his unifying principle of pluralism were Jews and Germans, Blacks and Whites, Christians and Muslims can live side by side. If, however, democracies elect autocratic leaders, he prefers to rip them into shreds. Maybe that is how he acts out his pent-up rage against Hitler, and maybe that’s why he has wanted to see so much immigration into Germany.

Even Steve Kroft on Sixty Minutes struggled almost twenty years ago to understand the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of George Soros who openly describes his financial endeavors as being done without any regard to morality or social consequences but who, outside of his business life, “tries to be moral” and is very socially involved. Here is the actual interview, not the popular fake-news one plastered on conservative sites all over the internet (which attempts to make Soros look even worse than he naturally does by editing together statements that didn’t happen in the same context and by removing his qualifying statements):

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