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‘Illegal immigrant,’ 69, who killed two young men by blowing up a supermarket and bombed a British consulate wants to organize the ‘next women’s march’ in a day of ‘anti-capitalist feminism’ across the US

‘Illegal immigrant,’ 69, who killed two young men by blowing up a supermarket and bombed a British consulate wants to organize the ‘next women’s march’ in a day of ‘anti-capitalist feminism’ across the US

‘Illegal immigrant,’ 69, who killed two young men by blowing up a supermarket and bombed a British consulate wants to organize the ‘next women’s march’ in a day of ‘anti-capitalist feminism’ across the US
March 03
20:33 2017

‘Illegal immigrant,’ 69, who killed two young men by blowing up a supermarket and bombed a British consulate wants to organize the ‘next women’s march’ in a day of ‘anti-capitalist feminism’ across the US


Rasmea Yousef Odeh is one of 8 calling for a US-wide female strike on March 8

Odeh was convicted in 1970 of planting four bombs in Israel; two detonated

One killed two men, 21 and 22, in a shop; another damaged the British Consulate

The Palestinian woman served 10 years before being released in a prisoner swap

In 1995 she arrived in the US, and did not admit to having been convicted before

Nine years on she applied for US citizenship; again she didn’t mention conviction

In 2013 she was put on trial for immigration fraud in Detroit, Michigan

She claimed she didn’t know she had to admit to international convictions too

She was found guilty in 2015 but after an appeal she is being tried again

By Reporter

Published: 13:07 EST, 26 February 2017 |

One of the organizers of ‘the next women’s march’ is fighting deportation from America because she lied about having been convicted of terrorism, it has emerged.

In an open letter printed in The Guardian, several authors including ‘Rasmea Yousef Odeh’ called on women across the US to take part in ‘striking, marching, blocking roads’ and other activities in a day of ‘grassroots, anti-capitalist feminism’.

But what the letter doesn’t say is that Odeh, 69, was convicted of killing two young men after bombing an Israeli supermarket and now faces deportation from the US for lying about it in her citizenship application.

Bombing: She was responsible for the 1969 bombing of a supermarket (pictured) in Israel. She is one of eight women now calling for a US-wide 'anti-capitalist' strike of all women

Victims: Leon Kanner, 21 (left) and Edward Joffe, 22 (right), were killed in the supermarket. A second bomb went off at the British Consulate five days later. Odeh served ten years in prison

In the open letter on the British news site, the group of eight women complain that ‘corporate feminism’ isn’t doing enough for ‘the 99%’.

Instead, they say, women of all classes and colors should take part in ‘abstaining from domestic, care and sex work, boycotting, calling out misogynistic politicians and companies, striking in educational institutions’ on March 8.

But as The New York Post notes, Odeh isn’t just a leftist – she’s also a convicted terrorist, who in February 1969 was involved in planting two bombs in an Israeli supermarket and a third at the British Consulate in Israel.

One of the bombs detonated in the busy SuperSol supermarket on February 21, killing two young men – Leon Kanner, 21, and Eddie Joffe, 22 – who had stopped in to pick up groceries for a trip.

Nine others were injured in the explosion. The second supermarket bomb was found and defused by police. At the same time a bomb planted at the British Consulate failed to go off.

Odeh, then 22, was also involved in placement of a second bomb at the Consulate, on February 25.

That one did explode, but no-one was killed because it had been found and moved to a safe location before detonation.

Odeh, a Palestinian, was a member of the Marxist-Leninist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – itself the biggest part of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

She was convicted the following year, in 1970.

Her lawyers claimed that her confession was tortured out of her by Israeli military.

Released: Odeh (seen in 2004): Moved to the US in 1995, and applied for US citizenship in 2004. Both times she declined to mention having been convicted of the bombing

However, according to a 1970 report in The Jerusalem Times – reprinted on conservative site Legal Insurrection – a Red Cross representative – Guy Wintelir – testified that the trial had been fair.

Odeh served 10 years in prison before being freed in an exchange program for Israeli prisoners.

In 1995, she entered the US from Jordan, and nine years later applied for – and received – American citizenship.

But In 2013 she was indicted on immigration fraud charges after it was alleged that she had lied to customs officials about her criminal past.

The court heard that she had told a customs official in 1995 that she had no criminal record.

‘An individual convicted of a terrorist bombing would not be admitted to the United States if that information was known at the time of arrival,’ the Michigan attorney general told ABC at the time.

And when asked again during her application to become a citizen, she allegedly told Detroit immigration officer Jennifer Williams that she had no previous criminal record.

Her defense said that she was never told that the question applied to international convictions as well as US ones. Williams denied that claim.

She was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison followed by deportation in 2015, but appealed. She was sent back to trial last month.

During the 2013 case the court heard that bomb-making equipment was found in her apartment.

And in a post-trial filing, the prosecution noted that one of her co-defendants had admitted that Odeh was behind the bombings.

Wrong: Odeh's immigration documents are seen here - note the series of 'No' boxes that have been ticked. She claimed she didn't know they included international convictions

Approved: This is her approval for citizenship under the name Rasmieh Joseph Steve. The immigration officer says that she told Odeh that international convictions were counted

Popular: Odeh has become popular internationally among Muslims and women, a friend said in 2013. These protesters were seen outside her sentencing on March 12, 2015

In the documentary ‘Women in Struggle,’ one of her comrades, Aisha Odeh – also her cousin by marriage – says that Rasmea Odeh was one of the masterminds of the embassy bombing, along with Rasheedah Obeiduh.

‘My role was implementing rather than planning,’ Aisha said. ‘And even the location that we went to, I went to it for the first time and had never gone to it before…

She continued: ‘Rasmiyeh Oudeh was more involved than I was, and Rasheedah Obeiduh had gone and studied the location and had come and done a report back.’

Her confession – on camera and to Israeli authorities – matches statements made by both her and Rasmiyeh in 1969 the documents said.

In the documentary, Odeh claims she was stripped naked, beaten and humiliated while in Israeli custody, and paraded naked in front of other men who were being tortured, including her father.

‘This increased my hatred against those who were responsible,’ she said. ‘Why? I am not the person who is responsible. The occupation is…’

She did not deny having a role in the bombings.

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