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NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Are Subject to Treason Investigations

NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Are Subject to Treason Investigations

NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Are Subject to Treason Investigations
December 21
21:04 2016

NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Are Subject to Treason Investigations

December 18, 2016

The 2016 NDAA now lists alternative news sites as fake news and targets of espionage investigations originally intended for Al Qaeda linked enemy combatants.

By Voice of Reason · Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Earlier this week, with a lot of pressure from our woefully dishonest and corrupt mainstream media, some terrifying new legislation was passed that should frighten anyone who values free speech. The legislation I am referring to was quietly passed under the 2016 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), and it authorizes the government to investigate and crackdown on websites named in “Fake News” blacklists for treason, and as you might expect there was no coverage on the passage of the legislation by the mainstream corporate media.

In the video below, I explain how legislation like that passed both Houses of Congress when they are both Houses are controlled by the GOP, and what the newly passed legislation means for the future of free speech. In addition to providing a link to the original announcement for those who never read it, I also explain what Google and Facebook “actually” said when they announced they were cracking down on “Fake News.”

You may be surprised to learn what the social media giants announced was far more benign then all the hysterics that were generated in the aftermath of the announcement by various right-wing websites. After all the melodramatic overreacting by conservative websites who never bothered to actually read the original announcement, it appears that they managed to successfully create a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts now that all of their worst fears have become a reality with the passage of the new 2016 NDAA.

Higgins News Network writes:

From: HNN


Subject: We are scared sh**less

In the past, you have represented me in Free Speech issues involving Occupy.

Yesterday, following pressure from the corporate media, legislation was quietly passed under the 2016 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) authorizing the government to investigate and crackdown on those named in these blacklists for treason with no coverage by the corporate media.

I apparently have been under the false impression throughout my entire life that expressing my opinion was engaging in democracy which is a fundamental right guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

Now I live in fear that a Nazi Gestapo is watching over my every move, looking for an excuse to disappear me the way so many so-called “terrorists” have been since the 9-11 attacks.

To be clear, this is not hyperbole and this is not sensationalism. Being targeted in the NDAA is by no means a laughing matter. Those who have read my coverage, or the coverage of the blacklisted sites in question know that U.S. citizens have been assassinated or disappeared and locked away in secret C.I.A black sites under the authorization of the NDAA.

No, being targeted by the NDAA is not a trivial matter. It is a matter of very, very serious concern. I am not the only one concerned.

Independent news outlets in the United States are now being listed alongside of Al Qaeda, ISIS and Russia for spreading propaganda for threatening and engaging in warfare against the United States.

The following video from DAHBOO777 is featured in the second link listed directly above. As you’ll learn, the Obama administration re-wrote the United States War Manual back in 2015, and the new manual makes It much easier for soldiers to be able to defend killing journalists.

It’s safe to say the government isn’t going to go after Bill O’Reilly, or Chris Matthews, so you can bet the farm that changing the classification of journalists to “unprivileged belligerents” is targeted at “bloggers,” or “citizen journalists,” essentially those the government can’t control the way they can with the mainstream media. Take a look:



HNN article continued:

Myself and others who maintain or contribute to independent news outlets are gravely concerned we will soon be targeted for investigations by the government given the recent rhetoric from corporate media, several members of congress, and other government officials alleging we participated in a Russia propaganda campaign to influence the U.S. election and undermine American’s faith in democracy.

The 2016 NDAA, passed into law by both the House and the Senate, has authorized a witch hunt against independent news outlets for doing nothing more than exercising the same first amendment rights that the corporate media has failed to do.


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