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Medical Association Asks Hillary Clinton to Clarify her Position on “Spirit Cooking”

Medical Association Asks Hillary Clinton to Clarify her Position on “Spirit Cooking”

Medical Association Asks Hillary Clinton to Clarify her Position on “Spirit Cooking”
December 07
19:14 2016


Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons Request Clinton Group Clarify Position On “Spirit Cooking” Practices.

by IWB · Published December 3, 2016

by Pamela Williams

This article is from November; nevertheless, it bears repeating, as the Association Of American Physicians and Surgeons say that “Spirit Cooking” could have dangerous health risks.  They are asking that Clinton address this risky practice as she supposedly campaigns on health issues and should care that this is a negative health practice.

The article starts: PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Among the most disturbing releases by Wikileaks are emails regarding the practice known as “Spirit Cooking” and its main practitioner Marina Abramovic, states the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

They go on to say:  “The public health implications of this practice are disturbing, and Hillary Clinton, as an advocate for health, ought to address this issue,” stated AAPS executive director Jane Orient, M.D.

So it is not just some of us on the Internet who think this is so bizarre and sickening that it turns our stomachs…we are being vindicated by the AAPS.  Hillary Clinton should be made to answer this, and I bet the AAPS will continue to pursue this until she responds.  If I had not found this article from my secret Internet hole, we would not have this to validate our confusion over such a practice.  How could a “normal” or “everyday” ….as Hillary calls us….person not find this appalling and question such a thing?  I would rather be an “everyday person” rather than whatever type person Clinton and her friends are.

Videotapes of performing artist Abramovic show her pouring a mixture of body fluids over objects or using it to print messages on the wall. The mixture is mainly blood (pigs’ blood or menstrual blood), and may include semen, breast milk, and urine. One message said to stab a finger and “eat the pain.” Abramovic displays her own scarred hands.

“Body fluids are an obvious public health hazard,” Dr. Orient points out. “A blood-stained dressing in a physician’s office needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste.” Additionally, “self-cutting is pathological, and patients who do it are referred for psychiatric care.”

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