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Gunman Storms Comet Ping Pong to Protest Hillary Clinton’s Pedophile Connections

Gunman Storms Comet Ping Pong to Protest Hillary Clinton’s Pedophile Connections

Gunman Storms Comet Ping Pong to Protest Hillary Clinton’s Pedophile Connections
December 05
18:24 2016

PICTURED: Gunman who stormed into DC pizzeria with an AR-15 and fired into the floor as part of his ‘investigation’ into pizza-gate fake news theory claiming that Hillary Clinton abused children inside

Edgar Maddison Welch walked into Washington D.C. pizzeria armed

The 28-year-old then fired into the floor as he looked around the venue

It is the same restaurant targeted by fake news articles during election

There were claims Hillary Clinton had abused children at the pizzeria

Welch told police he went there to investigate pizza-gate conspiracy

He is now in custody and facing weapons and assault charges

North Carolina native Welch is believed to be an out-of-work actor

Rumors claimed children were being abused in pizzeria’s hidden tunnels

Owners insist the tunnels do not exist, and insist there isn’t a basement

By Emily Crane For

Published: 19:57 EST, 4 December 2016

A man walked into a popular pizza restaurant with an assault rifle and demanded to know the truth about a pizza-gate conspiracy theory claiming Hillary Clinton had abused children in the basement, police say.

Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, from Salisbury, North Carolina, was arrested and is now facing assault charges after he stormed into Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C. on Sunday at about 3pm and fired multiple times – damaging walls, a door and a computer.

He was pictured walking backwards on the street with his hands on his head as police surrounded him with guns drawn. Cops said he had an AR-15 and a handgun when he was arrested in the restaurant. He also had a shotgun and a knife in his car.

Police said Welch told them he was carrying out a ‘self-investigation’ into ‘pizza-gate’ – a story widely circulated on fake news sites and forums prior to the election that claimed Clinton had run a child sex abuse ring.

According to eyewitnesses, Welch spent 45 minutes inside the pizzeria where he was said to be looking for the secret tunnels identified in the false news stories.

As a result the restaurant has been the target of numerous threats, forcing the management to bring in extra security.

Sharif Silmi, an attorney who was at the restaurant and witnessed the incident, told people are now claiming he was a crisis actor who was stationed inside the venue by the government. Conspiracy theorist attacked him on Twitter when he was interviewed by a local TV station.

Welch left customers and staff terrified when he walked through the front door and through to the back of the restaurant.

Police said he pointed a gun at an employee and threatened them before they were able to escape and notify police. Several customers and employees took shelter in nearby businesses.

They added that the lone gunman then fired one or more shots into the floor, but no one was injured.

Authorities found two firearms inside the restaurant.

There was also a shotgun and a folding knife in his car parked outside. They said the incident was not terrorism related.

Welch was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and destruction of property.

His family in North Carolina appear to have a history in the broadcasting and movie industry.

An IMDB account under the name Edgar Maddison Welch shows he had a small part in the 2009 film, The Bleeding, and was part of the crew in four other projects.

According to reports, his father Harry owns a film production company.

WBTV in North Carolina also reported that a man with the same name ran over a black 13-year-old boy while behind the wheel of his car on October 24.

The teenager survived and Welch was not arrested as a result.

He is a Republican supporter, according to voter records.

Owner of Comet Ping Pong James Alefantis said: ‘What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences.

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