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David Brock of Media Matters, Ex-Lover of Comet Pizza Owner Alephantis, Declares War on Alt Media

David Brock of Media Matters, Ex-Lover of Comet Pizza Owner Alephantis, Declares War on Alt Media

David Brock of Media Matters, Ex-Lover of Comet Pizza Owner Alephantis, Declares War on Alt Media
December 08
18:17 2016


MEDIA MATTERS, owned by Hillary Clinton’s “Mad Man” David Brock, Declares War On BREITBART And The Alternative Media

by IWB · Published December 7, 2016 · Updated December 7, 2016
by Pamela Williams

David Brock is a literal “mad man”, because he failed to help Hillary Clinton win the Presidency.  Brock is the owner of MEDIA MATTERS, which is the center of a conglomerate which George Soros helps finance. Brock was recently accused of laundering money, which if not for the explanation below, I would not be able to understand.  Nevertheless, Brock seems to do it all for Hillary and her circle of friends.  He is heavily involved in every aspect of Clinton’s life.  He has a relationship with James Alefantis of the famed Comet Pizza Ping Pong.

The Clinton circle of “friends” are fighting and throwing their temper tantrums, because even with all their suspicious dealings, they failed to get Hillary elected.  If only Clinton had won, their little dark empire would have been sheltered from investigation and their participation in evil would have been hidden from the press.  As I said before, Brock was recently discovered to have allegedly laundered money that originally came from only God knows who.

Say, for example, you donate $1,062,857 to Media Matters for America.   This is how David Brock would have used your charitable donation in 2014:

Media Matters would receive your $1,062,857 donation

The Bonner Group would earn a $132,857 commission

Media Matters would retain $930,000

Next, Media Matters would give what’s left of your entire donation, $930,000, to theFranklin Education Forum

The Bonner Group would ‘earn’ a $116,250 commission

The Franklin Education Forum would retain $813,750

The Franklin Education Forum would then forward the remaining $813,750 to The Franklin Forum

The Bonner Group would ‘earn’ a $101,718 commission

The Franklin Forum would retain $712,031


In the end, Brock’s solicitor would have pocketed $350,825, almost a third of your initial donation! That’s a far cry from the advertised 12.5% commission.

As bizarre as that scenario may sound, this is exactly what David Brock did in 2014.

And it gets much worse.

Kerr did his homework. According to Brock’s financial data, he has billable hours at all these organizations. Either he is the least competent executive in history, or he is willfully perpetuating this money laundering scam.

According to their tax returns, Brock allocates time, weekly, to his organizations:

  • Media Matters: 31.50 hours per week
  • Franklin Education Forum: 3 hours per week
  • The Franklin Forum: 1 hour per week


OK…moving on with the notorious MEDIA MATTERS group owned by David Brock and funded by George Soros, they are known for taking on what they argue is misinformation in conservative media, particularly on Fox News, will enter a “new era,” focusing on the likes of Breitbart, the “alt-right”, conspiracy theories and fake news. Of course, we know the reason they have decided to focus on BREITBART and Alternative Media is because of Donald Trump’s winning of the Presidency.  It is a known fact that the voice of WE THE PEOPLE spoke through online Alternative Media, and that voice spoke loud and clear for Donald Trump.  Now MEDIA MATTERS, David Brock, and George Soros are declaring war with… in all actuality…WE THE PEOPLE.

Brock actually says he wants to defend journalistic integrity, which is laughable.  Brock is such a hypocrite!  He started out as a Conservative Republican journalist…yes, you heard me correctly.  Brock used to be a self-described Right-wing mud slinger, but he crossed over and came out of the closet when he met Hillary Clinton.  He was worming his way into Hillary’s circle to get information for his book on Clinton.  While in the process of doing that, he decided he wanted to join the Clinton empire, and he did.  He ended up writing a sympathetic book on Clinton, which ended his career as a journalist of integrity…he had become a failed man, one with no standing in the journalistic community.  From that moment on, he was bought and paid for by the Clintons.

So you can see he must be furious with himself, as he feels he failed Clinton in working closely as a Watchdog for her throughout her campaign.  The man is a series of failures, but some say he is one of the most ruthless people in Washington. The following is quoted from

“Some of what Brock has to tell may indeed be believable, and when he’s exposing yet another of his own acts of deception, it’s difficult to doubt him. But with “Blinded by the Right,” Brock is striving for historical authenticity; he aims to be the chronicler of an era — roughly from Clarence Thomas to Monica Lewinsky — dominated by the politics of personal destruction. But given the author’s track record, readers of all political persuasions should take his insinuations with a grain of salt.”

Some on the left have already claimed this book — and, by awkward proxy, Brock himself — as their own for political purposes. That Brock now hates the same people they do is all the proof they need of his authenticity. And he does go after the left’s favorite enemies: not just Drudge, of course, but the entire “vast right-wing conspiracy” (a term he somewhat implausibly takes some credit for in the book), from conservative activists to editors and Supreme Court justices.

However, Brock’s technique — a few details, lots of sneering and unsubstantiated (except by him) gossip — doesn’t seem dramatically different from what it was in the days when he infamously described Anita Hill as “a bit nutty and a bit slutty” in the pages of the American Spectator. And it prompts an inevitable question any reasonable reader will have when reading the words of David Brock: Why should we believe him now?

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  1. creepy
    creepy December 20, 21:31

    If what you are saying is true about these suspected pedofiles-then thank you. If you are lying and believing and passing on false info to make your career flourish and your ego grow-then you need to reconsider your whole life and way of doing things. Your goals are too low for a ethical human.

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    • admin
      admin Author December 20, 23:42

      Thank you for your concern. My goals are very high, actually, and I have been researching this information for over 30 years now.
      It’s a Grand Day, and i’m celebrating, that the truth is finally coming out for the world to see.
      Keep stationed, as I intend to continue bring out important articles about this. I support your quest for the truth, and i’m here to help.

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