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“Everyday is a battle” — Teenager’s Life Is Forever Ruined by the Dangerously Ineffective HPV Vaccine. She Bravely Shares Her Story with The World.

“Everyday is a battle” — Teenager’s Life Is Forever Ruined by the Dangerously Ineffective HPV Vaccine. She Bravely Shares Her Story with The World.

“Everyday is a battle” — Teenager’s Life Is Forever Ruined by the Dangerously Ineffective HPV Vaccine. She Bravely Shares Her Story with The World.
March 06
21:27 2017

“Everyday is a battle” — Teenager’s Life Is Forever Ruined by the Dangerously Ineffective HPV Vaccine. She Bravely Shares Her Story with The World.


by Yelena Sukhoterina | March 6, 2017

At 12 years old Chloe was a happy and healthy pre-teen. She danced almost daily, hoping to make it her career one day; she hiked and led a very active lifestyle.

That all changed after her second dose of the HPV vaccine (an immunization that CDC recommends for children ages 11 to 12 in hopes of preventing some types of cancers and genital warts).

“(In) October 2016 I died and came back to life due to the severity of my damaged ANS (autonomic nervous system) – I was resuscitated and put on life support until my internal organs recovered and until I could breathe without a ventilator,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

After the shot, Chloe started to notice unusual symptoms, which later transformed into never-ending cycle of debilitating chronic health issues.

She currently has myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome, a complex degenerative neuro-immune disease. Its symptoms are a complete physical and mental exhaustion, muscle pain, and cognitive disabilities. It can occur after a viral infection or a trauma such as a brain injury or a chemical exposure.

Chloe also suffers from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS, a condition responsible for fast heart rate and lightheadedness.

“Everyday is a battle against the never-ending symptoms against pain, random and exhausting fits, mast cell reactions, the agony when meds, feed and water is pushed down my tube. Then there’s the war with the invisible aspects people don’t see: nausea, migraines, vision problems, light and noise sensitivity, the multiple injection wounds from injecting daily to reduce blood clots.

You don’t see the paralyzed stomach or delayed motility of my GI tract, the raw inflammation and ulceration in my colon, the over active nerve endings, blocked signals in my brain and spinal cord, and of course the intense chronic pain that you don’t always see in public because of the ‘stay brave and cry later face.’”

Over the years she also suffered from paralysis, and now has been unable to move her legs for more than two years.

“My heart bleeds with the torture knowing I may never walk again, let alone dance again,” she writes.

Today, at 18 years old, her future and her health are uncertain.

She does have more hope these days after she has discovered a more holistic approach to add to her medical treatment. Just earlier this month she was able to move one of her feet for the first time in two years after receiving a Reiki healing session.

??BIG NEWS??(13/2/2017?)I was trying to make a ‘vlog’ but I started to cry so I’ll tell you all with words.. I had a lovely reiki healing master come to the house today. I’ve seen her before, but the last time I saw her I’ve never walked since!It was such a relaxing atmosphere with lit candles, burning essential oils and rubbed her special aroma therapy potion on the pulses of my wrist and neck. I also had my Rose Quartz from @katie_jane.wright next to me to cleanse and recharge it, the lady brought a Himalayan salt lamp for me to look at?and purify the room too. I was then put into a trance, she did her magic- the experience is hard to explain but it’s all about the chakras and vibrations / energy in my body. She sensed so many things; (I have a diagram with every detail) she felt the intensity of my migraines (especially in the temples) and the severe pain in my lower back through her hands which barely touched my body! The heart, solar plexus (abdominal area) and my lower legs/feet were apparently the worst. (Thanks POTS and Gastroparesis?)During the experience I felt a warming sensation and half way through I could feel the energy flowing around my body then exited down through the feet… when I was awaken from the trance I was sleepy, floaty and relaxed to the max, my limbs were less heavy AND after the energy shot through my right leg *when the lady touched my feet* I COULD FEEL THEM!! for the first time in over TWO YEARS!! AND I can twitch the right one?(video shows leg movement but that was uncontrollable spasm) it was and still is a very emotional moment?happy tears of course!? I also managed without morphine for 2 hours after the session; 3 hours in total! I hurt extra bad in my back and stomach because they took less ‘healing’… but that’s expected. I felt slightly energised and my eyes also hurt less inside. I don’t know how this happened. But it did. I’m in shock. It’s unbelievable, but it’s very real!? I can now see myself getting “better” or at least see and feel improvements in my symptoms with long term weekly sessions. By the end of this year I might be in a wheelchair instead of bed bound if it continues to be this beneficial????I kicked vaccine injury’s butt today and all the complications and conditions which come with it!??Who knows. This might be the thing to make tiny improvements until I find a doctor willing to prescribe or give IV immunoglobulin therapy or Rituximab. The holistic/ alternative medicine might be the thing which makes a difference (after 5 1/2 years trying!) who knows what the future will bring..”The only way to find out what the future brings is to live it”?

Posted by Chloe’s Chronicals of Chronic Illness-My HPV Vaccine Injury Journey. on Monday, February 13, 2017

Nevertheless, she has been battling for her health for the last six years, and she believes it would not have happened without the HPV vaccine. She hopes to use her time to spread awareness about the risks that come with this vaccine.

Her whole public post about her story can be read here.

She also shares her journey on her blog.

There are many comments on her Facebook page from families of those who share Chloe’s story:

“My daughter has been fighting the toxins of the vaccine for the past four years. She was in the hospital for fifteen days after the first dose…complete paralysis with the worst muscle weakness.” – Lizzette N.

“…My daughter had the HPV shot and had some of the reactions you have had. It was horrible.” – Nachelle H.

“This vaccine is what killed my friend’s roommate 3 minutes after her second injection.” – Annie F.

Others share their opinions on the issue:

“This vaccine is unfit for anyone and should be taken off the market.” – Karyn M.

“May [this] bring some understanding to others that there is an issue with vaccine safety that needs desperately to be looked into.” – Tanya M.

The History and the Controversy of HPV Vaccines

“It is a vaccine that’s been highly marketed, the benefits are over-hyped, and the dangers are underestimated,” said Dr. Chris Shaw, Professor at the University of British Columbia for the One More Girl Movie (not yet released).

Have you ever seen a Gardasil commercial? In the ad, a seemingly concerned mother tells the audience in a stern voice to open their eyes to the risk of their daughters getting one of four HPV viruses, and to rush to get vaccinated immediately.

The ad does not say how effective the vaccine is or mention the fact that there are over 100 HPV strains. It also says nothing about potential adverse reactions to the vaccine.

The ad pulls on all parental heart strings, and some may even call it fear-based advertising.

In 2009, one of the lead Merck researchers spoke out about Gardasil’s aggressive marketing and risks. It is uncommon for a paid Merck representative to speak out against the company, but Dr. Diane Harper could not ignore the issue. It has even been covered by CBS News and other mainstream media, but unfortunately not many heard about it.

The potential benefits of Gardasil last for five years, not a lifetime, and they come with serious risks:

“The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed,” said Harper to CBS News. She added that the potentially serious side effects are riskier than cervical cancer itself.

“The risks of serious adverse events including death reported after Gardasil use…were 3.4/100,000 doses distributed. The rate of serious adverse events on par with the death rate of cervical cancer. Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year. Indeed, the risks of vaccination are under-reported,” said Dr. Harper.

“Parents and women must know that deaths occurred,” she confirmed.

In 2013 whistleblower Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Merck, predicted that Gardasil would become the greatest medical scandal yet.

That same year, the Obama administration gave out almost $50 million to health agencies to boost the numbers of those who receive the Gardasil vaccine.

As Dr. Dalbergue explained: “I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.”

Gardasil: The Adverse Effects are Written in Its Insert

There are three HPV vaccines that have been manufactured: Gardasil 9, Gardasil, and Cervarix.

Gardasil and Gardasil 9 are made by Merck, one of the biggest manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs (Cervarix is made by GlaxoSmithKline, a British pharmaceutical company. It is no longer available in the U.S.).

Gardasil was originally approved by the FDA in 2006 after being studied for less than two years. After its approval, patients have reported adverse effects following the vaccination including immune system disorders, autoimmune diseases, and nervous system disorders. The symptoms included paralysis, according to the Gardasil insert.

Gardasil 9 has been approved by the FDA in 2014. Patients have reported similar serious adverse reactions after the injection as with Gardasil. It has also not been evaluated for potential carcinogenic effects.


About 2.2% of participants reported a new medical condition, an autoimmune disorder after receiving the vaccine. The vaccine insert claims the percentage is similar to the percentage of participants who received a placebo, but does not provide exact numbers.

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