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LSD to cope with Menopause? New Book, “A Very Good Day”

LSD to cope with Menopause? New Book, “A Very Good Day”

LSD to cope with Menopause?  New Book, “A Very Good Day”
January 13
17:42 2017

The middle class woman who took LSD to cope with the menopause: controversial book claims hallucinating drug can help older women in tiny doses


A Really Good Day, by a former lawyer and mother-of-four called Ayelet Waldman, explains how taking tiny amounts of the LSD transformed her life

Book is set to create a stir but ‘microdosing’ is a more common than you think

Taking drugs is illegal, which is why this article is written under a pseudonym

By Abbie Gordon For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 17:03 EST, 7 January 2017 | Updated: 22:36 EST, 7 January 2017

There are many ways to beat the New Year blues – a new yoga regime or a diet of superfoods, perhaps. But I have found a more radical way forward, one that would disconcert my friends – if they knew – and will no doubt shock.

For I have just completed a month-long experiment of ‘microdosing’ not with vitamins or even prescription medicine, but with the psychedelic drug LSD.

And I am not alone.

This week sees the publication of a new book, A Really Good Day, by a former lawyer and mother-of-four called Ayelet Waldman, who explains how taking tiny amounts of the drug transformed her life after a long-term struggle with depression and serious mood swings that affected her marriage and her ability as a parent.

The book is set to create quite a stir. Indeed, microdosing is already a good deal more common than you might think.

There is a growing body of literature about its benefits and I certainly found plenty of people ready to advise me.

Taking a Class A drug is, of course, illegal, which is why this article must be written under a pseudonym, and I would caution against self-medication, particularly when the source of drugs is so often unclear.

So why, you might ask, would I bother? I lead a perfectly normal life as an academic. I’m very careful about what I eat and drink, and what little free time I have is spent on wholesome pursuits such as sewing and walking the dog.

Foolish as drug-taking might seem, though – and it is certainly illegal – I’ve done it for good reasons. I am midway through an early menopause and it is imperative that I look after myself in order to moderate my moods, both for my sake and for those around me.

A Really Good Day by Ayelet Waldman Image from intrnet - for Nikki

And I can confidently say that the tiny doses of LSD improved my state of mind, my ability to focus, and my general health without any of the weird and wonderful visual effects that people might imagine.

I did my research. For a start, I learned that psychedelics such as LSD are much less toxic than other drugs, including alcohol and antidepressants. They won’t give you a hangover, cancer, or liver disease, and they are not addictive.

The low cost of producing them means there is no logical reason for dealers to substitute it with something else, so purity and contamination are not an issue.

A study recently published in medical journal The Lancet reported markedly reduced symptoms in patients with severe depression and anxiety after treatment with psychedelics – an improvement that was sustained three months after receiving only two doses, one week apart.

So, with this in mind, I procured a small ‘tab’ of LSD from an acquaintance (no charge), and with my dressmaking scissors I cut it into ten tiny pieces. I put one on my tongue, placed the others in a square of foil in the freezer, and headed out to my yoga class.

That first day, I returned feeling energised and happy and – out of habit – I made myself a coffee before sitting down at my desk.

That, it turned out, was not the best idea and I was uncomfortably jittery for a couple of hours.

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